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Tai-Pan: Skulduggery!

Tai-Pan: Skulduggery!

Featuring stories of deceit and intrigue, action and adventure, and several surprises, Tai-Pan: Skulduggery! is the latest special edition from the Tai-Pan Literary and Arts Project. Skulduggery's front cover features Bendigo Roberts, Captain of the Iktomé, battling killer robots, as drawn by Barb Cummings. Our back cover features several of the universe's femme fatales, as drawn by Chuck Melville. Skulduggery! features stories by Mark Allen Davis, Gene Breshears, Sky Oxford, and Bill Koonts, with illustrations by Chuck Melville, Kathy R. Coleman, Sky Oxford, and Barb Cummings.

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Tai-Pan: Skulduggery!

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