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Furry Ninja High School Quagvile One Shot

Furry Ninja High School Quagvile One Shot

by Ruben Santos Jr. & Mike Curtis, & Various
Strange things are happening in Quagmire once again! You see, there's this rich bald guy who lost his hair when the meteor shower hit, and he's looking for a spaceship and an alien, and somehow Jeremy Feeple is wearing tights and a cape while Ichi works at the school newspaper and Sammy is collecting clippings for her Wall of Wacky. Sound familiar?! The gang of Furry Ninja High School is back, based on Ninja High School created by Ben Dunn and published by Antarctic Press! This time Ruben Santos Jr. handles the art, with script by series scribe Mike Curtis. In addition there's back up stories by Jer Alford, Benjamin Rodriguez and friends. Cover by Ron Murphy (Katmandu, FNHS: Twilight, Coco Gun Bunn).

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Furry Ninja High School Quagvile One Shot

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