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Licensable Bear Issue #3

Licensable Bear Issue #3

Licensable Bear™ is a comic about a cute little bear who wants to license his likeness to anyone and everyone for products of every kind. When reading you quickly catch onto its satirical approach to marketable characters. This comic tends to deal mostly with copyright infringement and product endorsement, but Licensable Bear™ has also been known to point out the absurdity of certain political and social issues. Issue #3 is the latest installment of the series from About Comics. The reader gets an issue with seven very entertaining short stories. Picking up this comic the reader notices right off the bat the contents of the issue. Proudly and boldly it proclaims "Mortality!", "Santa Claus!", and "Same-Sex Relationships!" not to mention "Over twenty-six-and-a-half fun story pages and an infinity cover!" but the comic is so much more than that.

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Licensable Bear Issue #3

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