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Ninja High School Volume 7 - Pocket Manga Paperback

Ninja High School Volume 7 - Pocket Manga Paperback

The full-tilt insanity of Ninja High School continues! First, a monster computer from the 520th century, bent on robotic rule, has been shot back into present-day Quagmire, and the future's greatest heroes--er, ZEROES, the Stellar Losers, have to team up with the Quagmire gang to stop it! Then, for a change, Jeremy gets some competition for Ichi when a naive yet powerful island boy comes to answer her letter in a bottle. Then, with a Zardon attack imminent, the Interstellar Conglomerate fears for Asrial's safety, so they order her to leave Earth and come home!

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Ninja High School Volume 7 - Pocket Manga Paperback

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