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Gold Digger Throne of Shadows Issue 1

Gold Digger Throne of Shadows Issue 1

Fred Perry’s wily were-rat trio explode into their own miniseries! With the death of her parents, the were-rat clan elders, Lydia Iceron (a.k.a. McKraken) is now the heir to the clan’s throne. She doesn’t have any immediate interest in it, but there are others who do"mainly a few members of Crime Syndicate X! But as long as Lydia’s alive, no one else can claim the throne...

Fred’s action- and hilarity-packed writing combines with the eye-catching art of fan-favorite Craig Babiar (Warrior Nun, I Hunt Monsters) to form one incredible, roller-coaster ride of a miniseries! This issue also features a front cover by Fred and a flip cover by Craig!

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Gold Digger Throne of Shadows Issue 1

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