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Fang Claw and Steel Issue #22

Fang Claw and Steel Issue #22

56 Pages, Black and White

The Werehouse Returns
The reason we give inanimate objects names is because they take over so much of our lives. (Editorial)
By Terry Wessner

Art of Kyoht
Mixed Doubles
Even werewolves have to deal with politics and family squabbles. (Story)
By Rodford Edmiston

One night at the science lab...
By Roy D. Pounds II
Art of Graywolf
Art of XianJaguar
For your Theodore, “pick up your room” takes on a whole new meaning. (Story)
By Joseph “Fyehroq” Vandehey
Art of Uriel Durán
Art of Synnabar
A Little Tea and Tenderness
By Roy D. Pounds II

Just why would someone hunt werewolves? (Story)
By Chaka Wolf
Art of Watergazer
A few photographs...
By March Schirmeister
Art of Megan Giles
Art of Bill Schmickle
Starwolf - Part 6
Hannibal King and Kristine Jameson each face a very different crisis. (Story)
By Michael D. Winkle
Art of Arikla
Art of Oakpaw
Art of Laura Whent
Front Cover Uriel Durán
Back Cover Marc Schirmeister
Additional Art Loopy, Uriel Durán
Editor Terry Wessner

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Fang Claw and Steel Issue #22

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