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Toupydoops Issue #1

Toupydoops Issue #1

Imagine a Hollywood run not by movie studios, but by comic book publishers. Here, Peter Parker is a bigger celebrity than Tom Cruise. And the Betty Ford Clinic is acutally the Betty Rubble Clinic.

Into this world steps our hero, Toupydoops. The star of his own comic strip back in college, Toupy moves out to LA with dreams of starring in his own comic book swimming in his head.

Along for the ride is Teetereater, Toupy's part-bear, part-man best friend, and Mr. Bananas - Toupy's surly pet monkey. Join them as they encounter a host of colorful characters on Toupy's wild ride to comic book stardom.

Toupydoops is a new, bi-monthly, ongoing comic book series by Schulz Nominated and Emmy Award-Winning creator Kevin McShane.

Toupydoops: It's the comic book industry. From the outside in.

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Toupydoops Issue #1

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