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Gold Digger Color Remix #3

Gold Digger Color Remix #3

By:Fred Perry & Guru-eFX

Celebrating 15 years of Gold Digger! Think you’ve seen GD? Think again! For the first time ever, "Gold Digger: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lost Cities" is now digitally remastered in magnificent FULL COLOR!

"Shangri-La, La-la-la-la-la, Live for Today" Betraying even his own people, Gyphon has unleashed the war monster Armageddon, and Gina has been teleported from tropical Atlantis to the frigid mountains of Tibet! While Stripe, Ace, Penny, Garen and Tanis infiltrate Armageddon to try and stop it, Britanny, Tark, Mesha and Princess Tyr try to locate and save Gina. But even if Gina avoids frozen death in the safety of Shangri-La, will she survive the wrath of its jealous empress?

Finally, experience classic GD as it was meant to be!

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Our Price: $2.99

Gold Digger Color Remix #3

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