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Cobalt's After-Hours Activities

Cobalt's After-Hours Activities

A commission for Ellobahn. His description of the piece: "After having fallen asleep in his personal treasure chest, yet again, Cobalt wanders over to his computer to check his morning email. To his surprise, he's received a lot of messages that were not determined to be spam! Intrigued to find out what the occasion might be, he reads through them; some came from close friends, some from folks that were total strangers. The more he reads, the more confused he becomes. Everyone was expressing their utmost approval for a video that was posted recently, featuring none other than Cobalt himself! Finally, a message from one of his more familiar friends provided a link, which upon clicking, Cobalt was not sure if he should be embarrassed, enraged or flattered by what he saw. Woe to whoever the mystery camera person is! To steal from a Dragon's hoard is bad enough. To steal a Dragon's privacy is beyond any horror imaginable when that Dragon eventually tracks you down! You can be sure Cobalt will find out who did it!"

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Cobalt's After-Hours Activities

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Cobalt's After-Hours Activities

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