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Poundcake Volume 1 Paperback

Poundcake Volume 1 Paperback

Cover by JK Blacklin
The first of Sin Factory's graphic album line, Poundcake features the work of the best Sin Factory artists! If you can't get enough junk in the trunk on your gals, this volume is for you, spotlighting sexy, voluptuous, and big beautiful women of both the human and anthropomorphic varieties! 64 pages of naughty plus-size fun, 8.5 inches by 11 inches!
    Chub and Love by Monsieur Le Eh
  • I'm Back! by TRUMP
  • The Library Fine by Jk Blacklin
  • Stood Up by Richard Moore

Illustrations by NEKO_NO_HITO, SatyQ, Terrie Smith, Honeyfox, DK Luis and Monsieur Le Eh

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Poundcake Volume 1 Paperback

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