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The Boy Who Wanted to be a Bear

The Boy Who Wanted to be a Bear

This touching, thoughtful family film from Les Armateurs, the French studio behind the Academy Award nominated Triplets of Belleville, is based on an Inuit legend about a boy torn between the human and animal worlds.
The same day a polar bear gives birth to a stillborn cub, an Inuit family gives birth to a new son. The humans name their son Bear after hearing the anguished cries of the mother polar bear. When the father Inuit leaves one day to hunt bear for clothes for his son, the father bear wanders into the Inuit's home, takes the child, and brings him to his grieving mate.
The mother bear warms up to this screaming, furless creature, and teaches him the ways of the cruel and unforgiving Arctic. Meanwhile, the Inuit father vows to hunt the bears down and retrieve his son.
When the boy is reintroduced to human society, he finds the way of the bear much less confusing and more appealing. He decides to seek out a mountain spirit, who may be able to change his body to match what's in his heart.

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The Boy Who Wanted to be a Bear

ISBN: 1586644491

UPC/EAN: 719987245327

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