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Meow Wow #1

Meow Wow #1

She's the little cat that could! Yambar trots out his sassy little H-Bomb on a sugar rush: ITSI KITSI - HAPPY ADVENTURE CAT and lets her run amok once again in her own book! This issue not only collects some impossible to find ITSI KITSI comics from sources too many to mention, it includes all new material co-written and drawn by 7 year old cutie, LAYNE TOTH! Without a doubt, Layne is the hardest working kid in comics! You're going to love her artwork as she teams with YAMBAR on the strangest undersea secret origin story of all time. Itsi also dances ballet while the evil Mister Poopsqueak seeks to destroy her! You're going to scream out loud when you attempt the incredible 'seek and find' and 'noodle maze' drawn by Levi Krause ! Absolutely crazy kitty cat fun! Published by Airwave Comics."

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Our Price: $3.50

Meow Wow #1

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