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HistoriMorphs Issue #2

HistoriMorphs Issue #2

Fallen by Mirko. Illustrations by Odis Holcomb, Rog Minotaur, and John Robey.

Dies Irae by Rogue. Illustrations by Scott Eldred.

One More Time by Tim Susman. Illustrations by Andrea Adams.

The Burning of the Libraryby Will A. Sanborn. Illustrations by Gideon.

The Good Bird of Nanking by Samuel C. Conway. Illustrations by Taurin Fox.

The Journey - Part One by Lanny Fields. Illustrations by Derrick Dasenbrock.

Grey Warming Over - Part One by David Andrew Cowan. Illustrations by Gideon.

Rock and Roll Never Forgets, written and illustrated by Tom Nugent.

With a full color cover by Vince Suzukawa (front) and Tom Nugent (back).

Published by SofaWolf Press

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Our Price: $10.00

HistoriMorphs Issue #2

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