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Fruits Basket DVD Volume 3: Puddles of Memories UNCUT

Fruits Basket DVD Volume 3: Puddles of Memories UNCUT

Episode 13: It's the first day of a new school year, and Tohru is excited that two more Sohma's are coming to high-school - Momiji and Hatsuharu! There's trouble in the halls when the Student Council President discovers that Momiji is wearing a girl's uniform, and even more when Black Haru appears! But the real problems begin when Tohru runs into an unexpected visitor in the hall… Akito has come to school!

Episode 14: While tending to the garden with Yuki, Tohru has a rather creepy first-encounter with a new member of the Zodiac - Ayame Sohma, the snake! But the real surprise comes when Tohru discovers that Ayame is Yuki's older brother! Ayame has made a special trip to Shigure's house in order to close the gap that exists between him and Yuki, but in order to succeed, he may just need Tohru's help!

Episode 15: Tohru and her friends plan a visit to Kyoko's grave on the first anniversary of her death. There is much smiling and laughing as they all remember how wonderful Tohru's mother was in life, and Hana and Yuki are both amazed at how happy Tohru seems only a year after the tragedy. But there is something else hiding behind Tohru's smile that not even her closest friends can see. Tohru's struggle to cope with the loss of her mother is far from over, and it takes a chance meeting with Momiji to remind her that all of her efforts are not in vain…

Episode 16: At Shigure's urging, Tohru, Yuki, Kyo and Hatori pile in the car for a trip to the Sohma's lake house. But what should be a relaxing vacation turns out to be rather stormy when Tohru discovers that something's bothering Yuki and Kyo. And the boys' moods only worsen when an uninvited guest suddenly arrives - Ayame!

Episode 17: As Golden Week comes to its end, Tohru meets yet another member of the zodiac-Kisa, the tiger! But as cute as she is, Kisa seems to be having some very serious problems. She's run away from home, and she's lost her ability to speak! But Tohru's special brand of tender loving care may be the one that can help her find her voice again.

Episode 18: The Prince Yuki Fan Club wants Yuki all to themselves, so they've hatched a new scheme: "Operation Destroy Tohru Honda!" But they can't get to Tohru while Hana is around, so Minami and the rest of the girls go to Hana's house to discover the secrets of her Electric Wave powers. The one thing they didn't count on - Hana's curse-casting brother Megumi!

Episode 19: Spring midterms are now over, but instead of breathing a sigh of relief, Tohru finds that her worst nightmare has come true - she's failed a test! Now, Tohru has only one chance to make amends for her failing grade, and only a few days to study for the retest. And to make matters worse, she's come down with a cold!

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Fruits Basket DVD Volume 3: Puddles of Memories UNCUT

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