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Fruits Basket DVD Volume 1: A Great Transformation UNCUT

Fruits Basket DVD Volume 1: A Great Transformation UNCUT

Episode 1: Tohru Honda lives in a tent. It hasn't always  been this way, but with her parents gone and her Grandfather's house temporarily under  construction… She thought it seemed like a good  idea at the time. But as Tohru is about to discover, her happy little home in the woods is  not her own. She's pitched her tent on land  belonging to the Sohma family - and meeting them will change her life forever!

Episode 2: Tohru has only spent one night in the Sohma house, and already she's stumbled on the family secret - literally! It seems the Sohmas have been living under a curse for generations. If they are ever hugged by a member of the opposite sex, poof! They turn into animals! Now that Tohru has discovered the secret, she may not be able to move in after all. Worse, the head of the Sohma family may decide to erase her memory!

Episode 3: It's Kyou's first day at school, and he doesn't like it one bit! But when his daring escape attempt prompts another potentially violent confrontation with Yuki, Tohru has no choice but to intervene. Every action has a consequence, and Tohru's action has set in motion a chain of events that will soon lead her to discover there's a lot more to Yuki and Kyou than meets the eye!

Episode 4: Tohru is settling into her new role as the Sohma's housekeeper, but when another member of the Zodiac family pays a visit, she may soon find herself without a house to keep! Kagura is coming - along with her earth-shaking love for Kyou. And once she arrives, there is no wall strong enough to keep her from her husband-to-be! Shigure's house may never be the same…

Episode 5: Tohru always knew she wouldn't be able to stay with the Sohmas forever, but when the renovations to her grandfather's house are finally completed, she finds herself wishing she didn't have to leave so soon. Now in an unfamiliar house, surrounded by abrasive in-laws, Tohru does her best to adjust to life without Yuki, Shigure, and Kyou - but they may not be able to live without her!

Episode 6: Tohru's friends Hana and Uo have always been a bit overprotective of her. So when Tohru confides in them that she's been living with the Sohmas, it's only natural they would want to check it out for themselves! It's an impromptu slumber party, and Shigure, Yuki, and Kyou will have to watch their step when the girls arrive - the slightest slip could reveal the family secret!

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Fruits Basket DVD Volume 1: A Great Transformation UNCUT

UPC/EAN: 704400030956

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