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Fang, Claw, and Steel Issue 20

Fang, Claw, and Steel Issue 20

Fang Claw and Steel Issue 20, August 2004, 50 pages, black and white.

Ready for Our Closeup? Has Hollywood finally rediscovered werewolves?. (Editorial) By Terry Wessner
Art of GrayWolf (Artwork)
Pack Member Just how rigid should the rules of a werewolf socitey be? (Story) By Rodford Edmiston
Art of Kyoht (Artwork)
Art of Jay Shell (Artwork)
Stories A field researcher gets more than he bargained for on an arctic mission. (Story) By Joseph "Fyehroq" Vandehey
Art of Synnabar (Artwork)
Art of Roy D. Pounds II (Artwork)
Starwolf - Part 3 The fur flies when man-wolf astronaut John Jameson and vampire detecive Hannibal King finally meet face to face. (Story) By Michael D. Winkle
Art of Bill Schmickle (Artwork)
Art of Laura Whent (Artwork)
Sins - Part 2 Seek and ye shall find - but what if some things should remain hidden? (Story) By Hannah P. Dame
Art of Megan Giles (Artwork)
Front Cover GrayWolf
Back Cover Synnabar
Additional Art Uriel Durán
Editor Terry Wessner

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Our Price: $10.00

Fang, Claw, and Steel Issue 20

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