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Maxwell and Elora

Maxwell and Elora

A side project of mine involving my drool-worthy silver fox Maxwell Bancroft and a softer, newer character of mine, Elora Cezaron. A picture says a thousand words, and I feel this image conveys their relationship, one between cop and criminal, lawful and unlawful, submissive and dominant, perfectly. :) The teal section in the back was done by hand, a coloring process I'm very proud of. The blue and green hues in the image were hand-chosen and implemented individually as opposed to coloring the image normally, greyscaling it, and tinting it teal. (Colored using Photoshop 7.)

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MAXWELLELO08 - Quel - 8.5x11 print
In Stock

Our Price: $8.00

Maxwell and Elora

MAXWELLELO11 - Quel - 11x17 print
In Stock

Our Price: $10.00

Maxwell and Elora

MAXWELLELO28 - Quel - 22x28 print
In Stock

Our Price: $25.00

Maxwell and Elora

MAXWELLELO36 - Quel - 24x36 print
In Stock

Our Price: $30.00

Maxwell and Elora

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