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Rabbit Head

Rabbit Head

A surreal western adventure told in an experimental narrative style that will have you re-reading it many times over. We follow the singular story of RabbitHead and her faithful steed, Horsey, through many harrowing experiences, only to have the story branch off into different directions and run simultaneously to each other, introducing a plethora of characters, some goofy, some deadly serious. At the end the storylines collide and the comic comes full circle, to end where it begins. This is a heavily symbolic tale combining humor and tragedy in a classic heroic action-adventure.

RabbitHead is an experimental comic heavily inspired by spaghetti westerns and Polish literature.

Rebecca Dart was born in Simi Valley, California in 1973, and has spent the last 12 fetid years in the wintery climes of Canada with her odd little husband Robin Bougie (Publisher of Cinema Sewer magazine). Rebecca has been slogging away in the salt mines of the animation industry since 1997, designing characters and backgrounds on shows like MISSION HILL, WHAT ABOUT MIMI?, and NEDS NEWT. She plans on becoming even more bitter than she already is.

RabbitHead is a great work of comic art: great because of Dart's confident, controlled handling of the comics medium; great because of the way her story evokes a whole gamut of emotions, everything from snorts and chuckles to drop-jawed amazement in the face of her narrative ingenuity to shock and outright disgust; great because it deploys an essential property of the comics medium- the manipulation of time through space in ways that other cartoonists haven't pursued, to the best of my knowledge. Dart's work extends the possibilities of the medium much as Picasso's and Braque's analytical cubism extended the medium of painting, enlarging it by pointing to properties that were always part of the medium, but which, for ideological reasons, previous generations had been unwilling or unable to acknowledge. -- Christopher Brayshaw, reviewer for The Comics Journal.

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Rabbit Head

ISBN: 1891867725

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