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Associated Student Bodies Yearbook Hardcover Collection

Associated Student Bodies Yearbook Hardcover Collection

Note: This book has been replaced by the https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9823/1290/Associated-Student-Bodies-Yearbook-Softcover-Collection Softcover Edition.

ASB Yearbook is a collection of the entire series in a beautiful hardbound edition. It includes a wraparound dust cover by Baron Engel, an embossed cover, and all the color covers. This collectors edition is an essential part of any collection.

Daniel is a young man away from college for the first time. His freshman year in college is a time of self-discovery, of maturing into an adult, and of finding someone he can love. There's a slight problem to overcome, however.... His true love is another man. Nothing worthwhile is easy.

Written by Lance Rund, artwork by Chris McKinley

Published by Arclight Press and distributed by Rabbit Valley.

Wholesale Information:
Please contact Customer Service at the link below for quantity discounts. Standard case pack is 16 to a case.

Books in Print information:
Bowker Publisher ID: 816304
Bowker ID #: 10587323
ISBN: 0-9719886-0-9

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Comments by Creator/Publisher of Associated Student Bodies Yearbook Hardcover Collection

Long Time Coming
It took a while to get this together. I think it was worth the wait, though... the good people at Quebecor did a fantastic job of printing and binding.

Thanks go to Sean for helping set up the job, and for kindly donating his entire house to store the books!
Reviewed by creator -

Our Price: $39.95

Associated Student Bodies Yearbook Hardcover Collection

ISBN: 9780971988606

UPC/EAN: 9780971988606

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Customer's Reviews for Associated Student Bodies Yearbook Hardcover Collection

I really had no idea what to expect from this comic before I finally managed to read it. I was pleasantly surprised, and captivated. This is some powerful storytelling with three-dimensional characters and charming quirks, which are easy to relate to even when they're at their most extreme. ASB (whose title is only really driven home towards the end) is now instantly one of my favourite furry comics.

The art is a delight to watch, because it grows with every issue. The main artist is Chris McKinley (one of my favourite artists), and you can see his artwork grow with every issue, which is a joy to witness.

The characters are wonderful. There are many of them, and all of them are fully-developed. Our main characters Daniel and Marcus are both wonderful. My favourite character, though, is Tiny (a similarly deceptive name to Robin Hood's Little John). He is a hyena (I think) and a football jock, yet not at all the stereotypical shallow one. No, he is kind, intelligent and insecure (not to mention beautiful); he helped me get over my own prejudice against football type characters. It's also funny how he is paired with the "girly" guy of the bunch, Ricky.

I have read some gay furry comics (ASB is not exclusively so, mind you, but that's the main theme) and none of them really drive home what coming out to the world means as much as ASB does. Both Daniel and Marcus see real difficulties, and some of the heart-wrenching moments deal with Daniel's family. I could really find myself in a lot of these situations. Not to worry, you will finish reading this roller coaster with a smile on your face.

All in all, a great comic, deep and beautiful. Worth every cent, I assure you.
Reviewed by user -

Truly moving.
I must say, while waiting for this book to arrive, I was very unsure of what exactly I was getting. Aside from rave reviews from just about every furry I knew, I was afraid that it would be very difficult to explain away the "For Adult Readers Only" disclaimer. I'm glad that I didn't listen to those fears.

ASB is...how can I put this, fantastic storytelling. The characters are deep, have charming quirks and seem very true to life. I could pick out some aspects of myself in them, and some aspects of my friends as well!

As for the more graphic scenes...yes, there is nudity, and yes there is sex. (both gay and straight!) But for a large majority, the sex scenes are interwoven perfectly with the story. There wasn't one time where I stopped reading and thought "This is such a cliche" or the like.

All in all, if you're in the mood for a wonderful slice-of-life story that will captivate you from the very beginning and will haunt you long after you read it, Associated Student Bodies: Yearbook has it all and more.
Reviewed by user -

A truly amazing tail of love and finding your way...
I found ASB...really by mistake, and after finding that it was out of print, I was a little upset. When the ASB yearbook came into existence, I had to have it. I needed to know what it was and needed to know Daniel's journey in finding who he was and also finding love with Marcus. I received the book in the mail today and have not put it down. I read it from cover to cover and it has affected me more than anything ever has. I cried when Daniel left his family to go be with Marcus because that was HOME to him. This story is so beautiful and I think everyone who has ever needed support needs to buy and read it. It will always be my #1 book of all time. Love always, Xalelydo Fawx (Clayton)
Reviewed by user -

Incredible, magnificent, wonderful, awesome!!! Just a few of the words that came to mind when I first read "Associated student bodies yearbook".
I can't say enough good things about this book, I have been a voracious reader for all of my life, but there are very few books that I have wanted to go back and reread as soon as I finished the first time. I have read the yearbook three times in a row and am starting my fourth time. I read it for an hour or so at bed time.
The writing is excellent, the stories are are witty, poignant, hilarious, dramatic, always well thought out and thoroughly enjoyable.
The artwork is fun. The only complaint that I might have is that they stopped telling the story of Daniel and Marcus after the first year.
I am Thrilled to have encountered "Associated student bodies" on the internet and had the chance to own a copy.
Reviewed by user -

Made Me The Way I Am Today
This book made me the man I am today in all honesty. It deals with real pressures and learning experiences. I cried several times while reading it and I couldn't put it down! If your a lost male looking for a way, try here ^-^
Reviewed by user -

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