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Blacksad: Arctic Nation Volume 2 Paperback

Blacksad: Arctic Nation Volume 2 Paperback

His name is John Blacksad. He's a private detective. He's seen much evil in the past, but never in his long life has he encountered a case as bizarre, as twisted, or as deadly as the one he accepts now. In a town where white supremacists have moved in and are brutally seizing control, Blacksad is asked to find a kidnapped child and bring the kidnappers to justice. As he gets deeper into his investigation, Blacksad discovers a tale of sickening horror involving murder and worse that condemns some of the town's most powerful citizens.

Written by Juan Diaz Canales. Illustrated by Guarnido
Translated by Anthya Flores and Patricia Rivera
Published for the US by iBooks and Komikwerks.

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Our Price: $12.95

Blacksad: Arctic Nation Volume 2 Paperback

ISBN: 0743479351

UPC/EAN: 9780743479356

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Customer's Reviews for Blacksad: Arctic Nation Volume 2 Paperback

Sorry Mr. Spiegelman
Forget Maus, this is what comics are all about. Blacksad 1 and 2 are glorious, beautiful books, with wonderfully familiar stories given subtle twists in an aged, delicious blend of film-noir, and exquisite natural media. There isn't a page in either book that wouldn't look good in a picture frame on your wall. The artistic style is stuffed with cues from the book's historical settings. The characters aren't just anthropomorphic for the sake of it, either; everyone fits their role in the unfolding plot perfectly, and more than once you'll find that a part of the story only works because the characters aren't human. The facial expressions are priceless, too, conveying the wry comedy just as well as the heart-rending despair and pain of some of the characters.

That said, the translation isn't perfect, and several times I came across phrases that were a little contrived -- just to fit the speech bubble, or to try so hard to carry across a clever pun from the original French -- and it doesn't always work perfectly. These are still remarkable books, earning praise from none other than Stan Lee on the back cover of Volume 2. Don't expect the stories to be something wholly new - part of the series' charm is in its comfortable familiarity - but don't worry, there's plenty of intrigue, and the occasional surprise to keep you turning the pages. These are true classics, and highly recommended. Inflict them on your friends, start a cult, spread the word.
Reviewed by user -

Buy this Book!
If you only have money for one thing to buy I greatly urge you to buy this one. A great detective story wrapped in an anthropomorphic world. I read it twice after I bought it just to make sure I didn't miss a thing. Pick up either of the books by these two, you won't regret it.
Reviewed by user -

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