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Monster Club Issue #5

Monster Club Issue #5

Conspiracy theories? It all started in the late Fourties when stories about aliens and UFO's were circulating. Surely these were just stories printed in pulp magazines for the masses? One of these stories has proved to be a terrible reality. A project led by a Dr. Lazarus, the world's most influential scientist in genetic modification, taking place in his laboratory, deep in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia

His work in this field was years ahead of anything anyone had ever touched before. Not even Dr. Lazarus knew what he was about to create.

Splicing the DNA of an organism that was stumbled upon during a space shuttle mission, with the DNA of humans, he would create four creatures physically different from each other.

They had a high level of intelligence with physical power and prowess to match. These creatures eventually broke loose, killing Dr. Lazarus and all his colleagues. Only the private journals of the doctor retain the information on how these "monsters" were constructed.

One of the side effects of the genetic process is their ability to morph from monster to human at will. However, if angered they cannot help but revert to their monster form. They also realise that to eradicate humanity would ultimately result in the extinction of their race. So they have decided to live along side humans, infiltrating the government and other high-ranking establishments as well as taking positions in society.

Enter The Organization, a covert operation set up to deal with the increasing number of monsters that inhabit the planet.

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Monster Club Issue #5

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