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Gun Fu: The Lost City Issue #2

Gun Fu: The Lost City Issue #2

Gun Fu is an action-comedy that takes place in 1936. Cheng Bo Sen is a gun-shooting, kung fu-using Hong Kong cop. His life becomes even more dangerous when he is recruited by England to help fight the Nazis. Cheng also speaks hip-hop which no one seems to notice.

The first story appeared in the one-shot Gun Fu #1. The follow-up is the four-issue series "Gun Fu: The Lost City". In the new miniseries, England finds out that the Nazis are searching for a lost city rumored to be filled with treasure in the jungles of South America. The Queen sends Cheng and archaeology professor Dr. Eleanor Dumple to see if there truly is a lost city and to stop the Nazis' nefarious plans. On the prowl in the jungle is a beautiful and mysterious Jaguar Girl. Other dangers dwell in the jungle as well as evil secret Nazi experiments.

The first and second issues of the "Gun Fu: The Lost City" are in comic stores now. Gun Fu is published by AXIOM.

It is written and inked by Howard M. Shum and pencilled by Joey Mason, ad colored by Etienne Simon.

J. Scott Campbell, Artist and Creator of Danger Girl, says "Gun Fu is an explosive blend of the best films of John Woo, 007 and Indiana Jones with a wonderful graphic style, similar to some of the very best from the Cartoon Network. A tremendously fun read. I wish I had thought of this!"

Liberty Meadow’s creator Frank Cho says, "Guns, beautiful blondes, giant Nazi robots, and a crazy Asian guy - Gun Fu is a fun book with a nice blend of Hong Kong action flicks and Dexter's Laboratory."

Chris Bailey, director of Disney’s hit cartoon show Kim Possible says, “Gun Fu will scratch your fanboy itch for cartooning and action adventure. It's bold, designee and fun! If you're bored with the grim and gritty realism of other comics, Gun Fu is your ticket!”

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Gun Fu: The Lost City Issue #2

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