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Rare Breed Issue #2

Rare Breed Issue #2

The long awaited second issue of Rare Breed is finally here!

Keep Out by Neko No Hito
Pinup by Megan Giles
Virtual Royalty by Valley Kyrie
Reunion by Hasegawa
Pinup by DAQ
Electronic Affair by M. Caddell

Cover by Ooka Fufuri
Frontispiece by Brian McPherson
Image on Table of Contents by Sara Wheeler
Color Centerfold by Heather Bruton
Back Cover by Steve Martin

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Comments by Creator/Publisher of Rare Breed Issue #2

What is "Rare Breed"...?
Rare Breed is an adult anthology comic featuring comic stories and pinups by some of the best talent in the fandom. Lesser-seen species are commonly seen throughout its pages, although the classics still remain. For updates on future issues and the like, visit Darkmatter Studio.
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Our Price: $10.00

Rare Breed Issue #2

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