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Corus #3

Corus #3

By Waverly Pierre III, Christina "Smudge" Hanson, and Mike Oxley

His companion informed him that a ship was near by as Kwon made planetfall. Good, he thought. At least the islanders will have some means of escape.

It was Kwon's job as part of the Ky'mel to patrol this region of space. In fact, he had requested it. He had always been fascinated by the parallel Earths, and this world definitely was one. Though the land-masses were different, an all-too-familiar timeline was repeating here. Even the animals and people were similar... well... sort of, anyway. The first time he had laid eyes upon this world, he fell in love with its peoples and cultures. Unknown to its inhabitants, Kwon loved to do quiet flybys when he was not needed elsewhere, familiarizing himself with this world.

Now that knowledge was essential. A rogue Jusu was on its way. He couldn't remember if fighting Jusus was in his job description, but he wasn't about to have anything harm his beloved world.

The Alotion Islands came into his view, as his companion informed him that they had beaten the Jusu to its destination. His mind raced as he tried to figure out how to get the islanders to flee for the ship without revealing he was not of this world.

Companion, I need suggestions, he thought. The islanders are polytheistic. I'm thinking of using the old impersonate-a-god trick to get them off the island. Root around in your memory banks and see which god would get me the best and most desirable reaction.

Hold for analysis, came the reply inside his head. Done. If you increase the output of the shields, you could pass quite well as the islanders god of light, Corus.

Corus, eh? He boosted his shields as his Companion instructed and landed in the middle of the islanders' village. There was no more time to do otherwise. His companion was squealing in his ear. The Jusu was making planetfall....

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Corus #3

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