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Neopets Battle for Meridell One Player Theme Deck - Kass Theme

Neopets Battle for Meridell One Player Theme Deck - Kass Theme

The Invasion Has Begun!

Darigan Citadel is looming over Meridell Castle, and it’s up to you to win the day! With the Battle for Meridell expansion, you can add Skeiths, Zafaras, and other new Neopets to your games. Gear up with Jeran’s Sword, Kass’s Charm, and other new Equipment. Then use new Location cards to do battle in the Marketplace, the Oubliette, and other places around Meridell and Darigan. Gather your favourite Neopets and challenge your friends!

Defend the peaceful countryside with the courageous aid of Jeran and the valiant citizens of Meridell. Rally your powerful Heroes and versatile Neopets to dominate contests and defeat the dark forces of Darigan.

Descend upon the enemy with a mighty army led by the treacherous Kass. Use powerful Villains, wily Neopets, and a few sneaky tricks to dominate contests of intelligence and strength and crush the defenders of Meridell.

Each deck includes:

  • A 40-card deck, including one foil card
  • A 10-card stack of Basic Neopet cards
  • A rulebook

Collector's Highlights

Battle for Meridell is the highly anticipated first expansion to the phenomenally popular Neopets trading card game. Based on the Neopia-shaking invasion of the kingdom Meridell by the forces of Darigan, the exciting, 140-card expansion introduces ten new Neopets species, a new card type (Location), and a new type of item (Plushies). In addition to 8-card booster packs, the Battle for Meridell expansion makes it easy for players to take sides when they pick up and play the “Meridell” or “Darigan” 50-card theme decks.

Virtual Prize Codes are included in every booster pack which users can enter on neopets.com for the chance to get exclusive items for their online pets.

Game Features

  • Set is based on fan favorite world of Meridell and includes the return of Lord Darigan and the fall of Jeran
  • 140 cards with artwork created exclusively for the TCG
  • Virtual Prize Codes included in every booster pack
  • 10 new species of Neopets
  • New card type: Locations representing the various locales found in Meridell and Citadel
  • New item class: Plushies

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    Our Price: $9.99

    Neopets Battle for Meridell One Player Theme Deck - Kass Theme

    ISBN: 0786934697

    UPC/EAN: 076930967539

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