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Kaiju Big Battel DVD

Kaiju Big Battel DVD

Planet Earth is in peril! Scattered throughout the glove are a horde of giant intergalactic insects, a mad scientist with a legion of city-crushing monsters, a group of thuggish Rogues, and a band of Heroes determined to protect humanity. When these rival groups clash, citiscapes crumble, bystanders are crushed, and monsters fight to the death... or at least until Referee Jingi declares a winner!

Terebi Sento captures four epic Kaiju Big Battels beginning with a classic culinary confrontation between Kung-Fu chicken Noodle and Club Sandwich. Then bitter rivals Los Plantanos and Team Space Bug vie for the coveted Golden Banana Award for Tag Team Excellence. Terebi Sento takes a soap-operatic twist when the three-way Battel between American Beetle, Mung Wun, and Dusto Bunny is interrupted by the first ever mid-Battel birth! The Kaiju action reaches its climax as the nefarious Dr. Cube takes on the equally evil Uchu Chu in a Championship Battel full of surprises. Plus, DVD extras including Kaiju commercials, a video from indie-rock favorites Piebald, character bios, live event trailers and more!

For more information about Kaiju Big Battel, visit kaiju.com or pick up Kaiju Big Battel: A Practical guide to Giant City Crushing Monsters, also available at Rabbit Valley Comics.

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Kaiju Big Battel DVD

UPC/EAN: 674797805492

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