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Di Gi Charat Theater Family Values

Di Gi Charat Theater Family Values

Poor little Digiko. Her life is getting more and more complicated by the minute. Not only must she work for peanuts at a hobby shop in Japan, but she must also outwit her rival Piyoko and the Dark Gema Gema Gang.

But Digiko's not the only one with problems. Piyoko's got plenty to worry about too. Besides trying to topple the heardworking bunch at Gamers, the pixie from planet Analog must also meditate the daily squabbles of her own evil crew.

To piyoko, the Dark Gema Gema Gang is the only family she's ever known. But now she's questioning her own family values. In other words, how much money is her family worth? If she had a single yen for every hissy fit she's had to endure, she'd be a very, very rich little girl!

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Di Gi Charat Theater Family Values

ISBN: 1591161436

UPC/EAN: 9781591161431

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