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Desperate Times Issue #0

Desperate Times Issue #0

Who says you can never go home again? After a brief stab at self-publishing and more lettering work than most sane people could bear, Chris Eliopoulos is returning to Image Comics, and an all-new Desperate Times series will debut in January 2004.

Desperate Times plays fly on the wall to the lives of two lovable losers: Marty (the cynical realist) and Toad (the geek) as they grapple with their lot as single guys in a coupled world. Coping isn't always easy, though, especially when they're surrounded by an oddball cast of characters that make the series' hapless stars seem like prime marriage material. Which is oddly fitting as Marty and Toad deal with a life change in the new series: one of them gets married. Joined by Marty's self-centered sister, Linda, Doofus (who never gets out of his theme park costume) and Kennedy, the drunken three-toed sloth, as well as characters both new and old, they're now trying to make it through life without killing each other. In essence,Desperate Times is comic strip just like the ones in newspapers, only funny. Appealing to women as much as men, it's frequently described as Seinfeld in comic strip form.

Eliopoulos began his comics career as a letterer at Marvel Comics, working on such titles as Spider-Man, X-Men and X-Force. He also did an unprecedented 106-issue stint on Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon, the title in which Desperate Timesmade its debut as a back-up feature in 1997. He later released a four-issue Desperate Times miniseries through Image in 1998, followed by a trade paperback collection in 1999. Following that, Eliopoulos launched his own ARRRGH! Comics in 2000 and produced four issues of Desperate Times on his own before turning his attention to illustration work and the lettering on Marvel's Ultimate line. Desperate Times was never far from his mind, though, and there was even talk of publishing it through Marvel at one point.

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Desperate Times Issue #0

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