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Shrek Issue #3 of 3

Shrek Issue #3 of 3

Awards: Sergio AragonÚs, Mark Evanier: Winner 2001 Harvey Award Special Award for Humor for Sergio AragonÚs (Groo)

Awaking one morning to find a river running though his swamp home living room, Shrek sets out with Donkey to discover the cause of the disturbance! Unfortunately the river leads to a huge damn which has been newly constructed by a huge, nasty troll! Now if anyone wants in or out of town they have to pay the troll! But when Shrek and Donkey discover the damn can be destroyed by correctly answering three questions they put their heads together to try and save the day!

Pub. Date: December 2003 Format: Full color, 32 pages, (3 of 3) Price: $2.99

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Shrek Issue #3 of 3

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