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Blacksad: Irgendwo zwischen den Schatten hardcover (German text, no translation)

Blacksad: Irgendwo zwischen den Schatten hardcover (German text, no translation)

This German language edition does not have an English translation. See the softcover Blacksad: Somewhere Within the Shadows for an English translation of this book.

Quite frankly, Blacksad is probably the best anthropomorphic work out there, hands down. I rank it up with the works of Art Spiegleman and Stan Sakai. Diaz Canales and Guarnido, two Spanish born artists and writers, have created an anthropomorphic universe that rivals worlds created in cinema and the film noir crime stories of old.

Meet John Blacksad, a cat in the shadows. Imagine New York as a city of criminal rats, jazz-playing gorillas and rhino thugs. Enter a mystery where the suspects have tails. Find out why comics' biggest names are wild about one of the freshest graphic novels in years. Enter the world of Blacksad.

Natalia Wilford is a famous actress. To the world, she had everything anybody could want. Beauty, fame, glamour... and lovers who would do anything for her. When she is found murdered in her home, it touches the man who had not seen her since their bitter breakup so many years ago... private eye John Blacksad. He vows to find Natalia's murderer.

When the police are told to call off their investigation of the crime, Blacksad charges forward alone, risking his life, his license, his reputation, and even his life!

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Blacksad: Irgendwo zwischen den Schatten hardcover (German text, no translation)

ISBN: 355174761X

UPC/EAN: 9783551747617

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