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8.5x11 Color Custom Artwork Print on Bright White Paper

8.5x11 Color Custom Artwork Print on Bright White Paper

Now, any artist can take advantage of the same high quality printing services our Rabbit Valley artists use. You supply the high resolution, color corrected image. We provide the final printed artwork printed on our high speed Xerox Phaser 850 Color Laser printer.

You must own the copyright on the work. We will not reproduce artwork made by third parties under any circumstances.
If you wish to print multiple images, you must print a minimum of five prints of each image.

Are you a Rabbit Valley artist? Artists selling their prints through the Rabbit Valley Artists Cooperative Association can get a significant discount on printing services. Click the Customer Service link at the bottom of any page to inquire about selling your artwork with Rabbit Valley (R) Comics.

Once you place your order, we will supply information on how to access our FTP server to send us images. You may also send images on CD-ROM or DVD. Please allow about 2 weeks of turn time before major conventions to guarantee your work arrives on time.

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8.5x11 Color Custom Artwork Print on Bright White Paper

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