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PVP Issue #4

PVP Issue #4

by Scott Kurtz (cover) Frank Cho
BW 32pp $2.95 Ongoing bi-monthly series

The Concept

The hit comic strip leaps from the world wide web into it's own Image Comic! Follow the staff of PvP Magazine on their daily routine of covering the world of pop-culture. No cow is too sacred, no reference too obscure. Discover what Wizard Magazine calls "The perfect satire."

This Issue

Meet Cole, Brent, Jade, Francis and Skull the troll on your first tour of the PvP offices. It's crunch-time and the staff is up against the wall. Unfortunately for editor-in-chief Cole Richards, today is the day that everything seems to be falling apart. Can he put out the fires and pull the staff together in time to make deadline?

PvP is and Scott Kurtz. All rights reserved.

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Our Price: $2.95

PVP Issue #4

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