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Liberty from Hell Issue #1

Liberty from Hell Issue #1

After the fall of the Roman Empire, before the rise of the Carolingian Empire, during the time of the Idle Kings, a minor demon of vice, Phalloide, was unwittingly let loose onto the mortal world. He took to his liberty from Hell like a sailor on shore-leave; at least until he found out that he'd just been conscripted.

Now, a Magus in a former Roman Auxiliary turned mercenary company, Rook's Claw, the world's first conscientious objector is finding things on the plane of mortals are not entirely black and white.

Then, out of the blue, Phalloide is approached by the Angel Azeal, who tells the demon that Heaven is willing to extend his leave of Hell if he passes a single, simple test. If he can keep his libido in check, that is.

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Liberty from Hell Issue #1

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