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Inu Yasha Volume 8 DVD

Inu Yasha Volume 8 DVD

"Kikyo's Wandering Soul" Inu Yasha

"Remember the feel of my lips against yours. For it WAS real." When a soul-collecting demon comes a'knocking at the homes of the recently departed, Inuyasha and the others are asked by a nobleman to protect his daughter's spirti. Although the demon is dispatched easily enough, the question remains as to who is collecting the souls of the dead... and why? Later hearing that Kikyo may still be alive, nothing anyone can say can stop Inuyasha from going--alone. Before Inuyasha can locate Kikyo, however, Kagome stumbles upon her. Bound to a tree and rendered invisible to anyone but Kikyo, Kagome bears witness to Inuyasha's true feelings. Finally, rumors that Demon-Slayers are said to live where the Sacred Jewel was born send Inuyasha and the others racing to the scene. Is there any truth to these rumors, or are they just another false lead?

Episode 22: "A Wicked Smile; Kikyo's Wandering Soul"
Episode 23: "Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss"
Episode 24: "Enter Sango, the Demon Slayer"
Stereo, Bilingual (Japanese with English subtitles or English dubbed), Line art gallery, Dolby Digital, Region 1 encoded DVD.

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Inu Yasha Volume 8 DVD

UPC/EAN: 782009097495

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