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Tank Girl Volume 5: Apocalypse

Tank Girl Volume 5: Apocalypse

Explosive, anarchic and irrepressible, Tank Girl careened across the early 1990s like the ultra-violent bovver-booted skinhead psycho she was. Created by Jamie Hewlett (later, of course, to find massive fame and fortune as architect - with Blur's Damon Albarn - of cartoon pop group Gorillaz) and Alan Martin, Tank Girl inflicted her particular brand of post-apocalyptic mayhem on readers of Deadline magazine, not to mention via one enjoyable romp of a movie. With later input from the likes of Alan Grant (Judge Dredd) and Phillip Bond (Vertigo Pop: London), the Tank Girl comics were a visually inventive riot, encompassing talking mutant kangaroos, pop culture sideswipes and epic, wholesale destruction.

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Tank Girl Volume 5: Apocalypse

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