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Puffed Issue #2

Puffed Issue #2

In the dark of night, amid the shadows of a dingy alley, Aaron Owens witnesses something he shouldn't have ľand now he's on the run for his life. Aaron's strange odyssey through "the 'hood" take one bizarre turn, and then another, and his path leads him from the seamy side of celebrity, to the most wretched despair of Skid Row.

Those three stone killahs aren't gonna stop until they've caught up with Aaron. Worse still, this dragon suit is really starting to smell.

RETAILER WARNING: Don't let the cutesy dragon suit fool you. Puffed is full of bad people, speaking bad language, while smoking and drinking good things.

If you wish to have both covers, please order two copies. We will try our best to fulfill all orders with two different covers while supplies last.

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Our Price: $2.95

Puffed Issue #2

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