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Finder Volume 5 - Dream Sequence

Finder Volume 5 - Dream Sequence

Greetings, Sean here. Listen. Finder is the best damned book that you're not reading right now. Buy this, buy the other paperbacks, and make yourself a very happy person.

Preternatural beauty, sublime vistas, starlit groves? Elsewhere is a place you can taste and smell and touch. Elsewhere is far more real than the stifling workday world, and it's all in Magri White's head. Thousands daytrip to Elsewhere to escape and explore.

But beware, tourist; something that Magri did not call up is roaming this Dreamland. A limb-ripping shape-shifter who is outside Magri's control. Was this yellow-eyed werewolf once Jaeger Ayers? You won't get out without paying his price.

Blending humor and horror, Dream Sequence is Carla Speed McNeil's most challenging book yet.

"Carla Speed McNeil's Finder series are on the very short list of first-rate science fiction comics. They might be the whole list." -- Will Shetterly, DOGLAND.

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Finder Volume 5 - Dream Sequence

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