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Reality Check Vol 2

Reality Check Vol 2

Virtual Internet surfing geek Collin Meeks thinks he's an Internet genius. But his cat, Catreece, may be even smarter! Offline, little kitty Catreece is an ordinary house cat. Online, Catreece is like a pesky little sister with a knack for trouble and mischief! As hard to believe as it may be, something even stranger happens. One day Collin and Catreece set to cleaning virtual house when they happen upon an escaped computer game rabbit named Riggi. Before Collin knows what's happening, Riggi starts up the largest Internet company ever: Nibble Panic Planet! His goal: to fulfill the hopes and dreams of his creator. And what's weirder still is that Collin and Catreece soon find themselves working for him! But is that wise? Mr. Pandawiener, a giant angry virtual panda, is out to settle an old score with Riggi - and whoever WORKS for Riggi is in TROUBLE!

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Our Price: $9.99

Reality Check Vol 2

ISBN: 1591822157

UPC/EAN: 645573009991

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