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Inu Yasha Volume 5 DVD

Inu Yasha Volume 5 DVD

"Secret of the New Moon" Inu Yasha

"It isn't easy being human, believe me." For half-demons, there is a period of time when their powers and abilities disappear. Inuyasha has lived with this secret all his life. But now, in his weakened state, he has to face a demon possessing a shard of the sacred jewel! Also, back in Kaede's village, an evil witch named Urasue defiles Kikyo's grave and steals her ashes. To what evil end will the witch put her ashes? Fearing the worst, Inuyasha and the others set off to recover Kikyo's remains.

Episode 13: "The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-Haired Inuyasha"
Episode 14: "Kikyo's Stolen Ashes"
Episode 15: "Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyo"
Stereo, Bilingual (Japanese with English subtitles or English dubbed), Line art gallery, Dolby Digital, Region 1 encoded DVD.

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Inu Yasha Volume 5 DVD

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