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Falstaff: X Rated portfolio

Falstaff: X Rated portfolio

Ten years of everyone's favorite Soap Puppy! Featuring downright amazing art by:

Eugene Arenhaus
Megan Giles
Chris Goodwin
Huskie / Mayra Boyle
Kitsune25/Micah Fennec
Dark Natasha
Margaret Petrie

... as well as some goofy stuff by J. Willard, including two previously unreleased prints. PLUS, 1/4th of these portfolios will include an additional bonus print by J. Willard, never before released!

20 color prints, 8.5x11. $2.50 a print, folks... How can you go wrong?

Includes the following J. Willard prints:

Go Fish (Featuring Chester the Ringtail)
Do you suck...?
Man Eater
Organ Donor
Mount Rushmore
Tres Sheik
NEW: Carousel Pony
NEW: Magic Wand

Falstaff is Copyright (C) 2003 J. Willard. All rights reserved. Images used with the permission of the respective artists. Printed in the USA by Rabbit Valley (R) Comics.

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In Stock

Our Price: $50.00

Falstaff: X Rated portfolio

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