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Complex City paperback collection: All in a Day's Work

Complex City paperback collection: All in a Day's Work

As dawn breaks in Complex City, Police Inspector Bulldog Malone is called to the scene of an explosion, only to be confronted with a small, green creature from the race of the Shadowling. This bizarre beast is guarding what appears to be a typical convenience store safe amidst the decimated ruins of a ramshackle building. What's in the safe? Why is the Shadowling guarding it, and who hired him? And how does it tie in with the city's most feared urban ledgend, a rag-clad phantom known only as Crazy Quilt? These mysteries propel Malone on perhaps the greatest adventure of his illustrious career. Monsters, mutants, megalomaniacs -- it's all in a day's work for this canine cop, walking a beat in the most amazing city on Earth!

Complex City is a fever dream of long time comics fanatic and freelance artist JE Smith. The series first hit comic book stores in October 2000. This is the first trade paperback collection. For more information, visit the official Complex City website at www.bettercomics.com

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Complex City paperback collection: All in a Day's Work

ISBN: 0972807004

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