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Boneyard Swimsuit #1

Boneyard Swimsuit #1

Michael Paris has inherited a nightmare: a cemetery filled with monsters. But, as we found in the first story arc, it turned out the monsters weren't the problem. It was the regular townsfolk, the mayor of whom revealed himself to be none other than Satan himself! However, he failed to oust Paris and the Boneyard folk from the cemetery, and now Paris finds himself facing an even greater evil. The IRS.

Well here it is! You've bought into a good cause, ladies and gents as here's the money-raising, hair-raising, and um, well, hem, spirit raising special swimsuit issue out there to help Michael pay his IRS bill. The lovelies of the Boneyard have wiggled into the floss and are ready to pander for your money. Glump the photographer and organizer is ready too. But with some ulterior motive!

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Boneyard Swimsuit #1

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