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Fairy Tale Romance

Fairy Tale Romance

"Why, Grandma! What big eyes you have!"
(Aww, honey, this is so silly!)

"All the better to see you with, my dear!"
(Shhh, it's fun to play along!)

"Why, Grandma! What big, warm paws you have!"
(Hee hee, yummy paws...)

"All the better to hold you with, my dear!"
(God, I love touching you....)

"Why, Grandma! ... Are you happy to see me?"
(I love touching you! -- And other things!)

*GROWL* "Hell, ye-- I mean, of course I am, my dear!"
(Can you blame me, you wiggly thing?)

"Hey! You're not Grandma! You're the Big Bad Wolf!"
(How big? Ooooooh! Very big!)

"You'll find, Little Red, that I may be big, but I'm not bad at all...."
(Now, where's my basket of goodies?)

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Fairy Tale Romance

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