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Monkey Man Unleashed 3 of 3

Monkey Man Unleashed 3 of 3

Day and night, he walks the streets. Hated. Feared. Mocked because he wears a helmet. Oh, but if those who hate, fear and mock him only knew how EASY it would be for him to unleash his fantastic super powers and silence them permanently, they would surely--- ---wait. They DO know. Because he DOES use his powers to silence them permanently. Anyone that stands in Monkey Man's or his little retarded brother's way faces the genetically engineered wrath of the most savage talking monkey on Earth. But, a secret organization is offering Monkey Man a way out. A way for the entire world to love, accept, hell WORSHIP the ground he walks on. All he has to do? Never use his powers again. Tame the beast. Become more "man" than "monkey". And not even a cool man, like Fonzie, no, we're talking 100% Potsie. Meanwhile, a threat to Earth's very existence arises. It's an unbeatable killing machine bent on destruction, and only one creature in the world stands a chance against it. Will Monkey Man rise up? Will he resort to his old ways and save the day? WILL HE BE UNLEASHED? Well come on. I mean, read the title of the series, you tell me.

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Monkey Man Unleashed 3 of 3

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