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Sky Ape: All the Heroes

Sky Ape: All the Heroes

When the megalomaniacal genius known only as MISTER DOCTOR POWERFUL orchestrates a global prison break, freeing the world's most vile (and, in some cases, inept) super-villains, Sky Ape and his crew must enlist the aid of all the heroes--every last, second-string crime-buster the universe has ever forgotten, including The Swimsuit Bastards, Caibo the Puerto-Rican Snowman and Hall & Oates--to set things right again.

To make matters worse, the literature-fueled force Poeticus, the Liberal Arts Robot, threatens to level London, powered by his two-ton chromium fists and unparalleled pomposity. If you're not smiling at the thought of a millionaire talking gorillas wearing a jetpack, you must be an orthodontist, or something.

- - - Sky Ape: All the Heroes Phil Amara, Richard Jenkins, Tim McCarney, Michael Russo ISBN: 1-932051-08-2 $6.95 56 pages

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Sky Ape: All the Heroes

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