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Thundercats Issue #5

Thundercats Issue #5

Thunder... Thunder... Thunder...THUNDERCATS Hooooooo!!!

Prepare to reunite with some feline friends for one of the most widely anticipated launches of the season, as WildStorm Productions gives its own unique and unforgettable spin on the '80s animation sensation...THUNDERCATS! Return to Thundera with not one, but two exciting projects debuting in August - featuring white-hot creators such as J. Scott Campbell and Ed McGuinness!

First up, Campbell - the artistic powerhouse behind the best-selling DANGER GIRL - illustrates and cowrites a special 12-page story in the not-to-be-missed THUNDERCATS #0! Teamed with cowriter Ford Lytle Gilmore, Campbell and the 'Cats are a match made in heaven! If you're a fan of the cult-favorite cartoon, or a new reader caught up in the trend of '80s nostalgia, you'll be ecstatic when you read this tale filled to the absolute brim with pulse-pounding thunderous action. Experience the drama and excitement firsthand as the Thundercats come to life on the page. Special bonus features in this #0 issue include character bios and behind-the-scenes production designs!

Then in two weeks it's THUNDERCATS #1 - the beginning of a 5-issue monthly miniseries written by Gilmore and featuring art and covers by Ed McGuinness (SUPERMAN) & Jason Martin (MR. MAJESTIC), and a first issue variant cover by Arthur Adams. The adventure begins immediately where the popular cartoon left off, with New Thundera restored, and Thundercats King Lion-O gathering his old friends. For New Thundera, it is time to call home the other Thundera refugees and finally rebuild their once-majestic society. But there are dark tidings brewing at Mumm-Ra's Pyramid, where the Ancient Spirits of Evil have concocted a nefarious plan to free the Shadowmaster from the Shadow Realm. It's up to Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetera and the Thunderkittens to save the day!

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Thundercats Issue #5

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