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How to Draw Manga Compilation #3

How to Draw Manga Compilation #3

The blockbuster instructional series from Antarctic Press continues to be in high demand-so much so that we're going to a third collection! That's right, we dig up another gold mine of valuable instruction in assorted aspects of the manga medium, 128 more pages' worth brought to you by such stellar talents as the Godfather of American Manga Ben Dunn (Ninja High School, Marvel Mangaverse), multitalented creator/illustrator/animator Fred Perry (Gold Digger, Legacy), Eisner/Ignatz nominee Rod Espinosa (Courageous Princess), American manga sensation David Hutchison (Dragon Arms, Ninja High School), and legendary creator and illustrator Joe Wight (Twilight X). Learn the rules of the school from the people who built it! For anyone who missed out on issues 9-12 of the regular series, this is your chance to catch up on those missed lessons! Antarctic's How to Draw Manga books have all been selling out quickly, so reserve your copy now!

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How to Draw Manga Compilation #3

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