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Tank Vixens Card Game

Tank Vixens Card Game

The cardgame your mother should have warned you about!

Babes in arms!
Once every lifetime, the world is blessed with a work so sincere, so, so godlike in its conception and execution that it shakes the very core of our civilization...

But hell, while we're waiting for it, why not perv at funny animal girlies with guns!?!?

Put your best set of stolen panties on your head and get ready for the ultimate Vixens experience! "Tank Vixens" is the definitive girlie game. 106 gorgeous full colour cards covering more curves than a Grand Prix. We've got lingerie, we've got costumes, we've got more camel toes than Ali-Baba's garage...!

It's an art collection, it's a game. Hell, who needs a life? You NEED this. DOn't just stand there, buy the damned thing!

One ready to play basic game set. 106 color cards.

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Our Price: $14.95

Tank Vixens Card Game

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