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Kitty Meets the Furries

Kitty Meets the Furries

Quite possibly the most interesting expose of the furry society made in the last few weeks comes "Kitty Meets the Furries," a tale of an artist named "Kitty Bukkake" and her friends' attempt to break into the furry culture by visiting ConFurence without paying. Thwarted by official looking signs and the insular culture of the society, she describes her exploits and exploration into the fandom in this full color 16 page mini-fanzine format book.

Featured in the show "Hans: Interspecies Love" shown one night only at the Oni Corral in Chinatown, Boston this year. This limited edition is signed by the artist and comes in very limited quantities!

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Our Price: $8.00

Kitty Meets the Furries

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