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Captain Camel & the Space Chicken Issue #1

Captain Camel & the Space Chicken Issue #1

Real name Mahr Camel, Captain Camel is a work-for-hire Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, and Space Adventurer. He'll get you whatever you need if the price is right. He is known across the galaxy and has a reputation of being a rough character. Somehow his "charming" personality seems to attract Badguys, Danger and Trouble...but, you can be sure Captain Camel will get the job done. Captain Camel is your Mammal.

Trusty sidekick, and loyal partner of Captain Camel. The Space Chicken has become a devoted partner and friend ever since Captain Camel rescued the Chicken from the Evil Fry Cook many years ago. Over the years, the Chicken has developed a "crush" for our Captain. Y'see, the Space Chicken, is really a "Hen"...but, Captain Camel doesn't realize this. He always assumed his Partner was a rooster...hmmm....

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Captain Camel & the Space Chicken Issue #1

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